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HOM magazine

editorial: print & web

brand language & architecture    |    print layout    |   website design


HŌM, a lifestyle print and online magazine 
presented the challenge of creating a publication 
that embraced and depicted the essence of its 
brand; one that could incorporate a calm and 
“zenful” feeling, not unlike the articles they would 
feature; home decor, healthy living tips, and 
recipes, as well as articles on meditation, yoga, 
and the simplification of life.

brand identity

An organic, modern, simple, clean approach was adopted as the main characteristic of the HOM brand. Since the magazine was about yoga, healthy living, and organic modern home decor, it was felt that this modernistic approach was appropriate. To balance the color
palette, a clean, simple sans serif font chosen as well.

HOM magazine    |     print

final design


HOM magazine    |     web


HOM was a WordPress Divi theme template. A UX design
process was considered while developing the site. The process
is illustrated below; sitemap, wireframes to the actual webpage. 



final design

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