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Third Eye High

brand design

logo design    |    brand identity    |  label design

Namaste Brewery


Third Eye High was a branding project to introduce a new product into the citrus Radler market. The challenge was to create an image for this new
product that was fun and bright, like the fresh taste of a summer 
beer, but also to include the feel and voice of the brand, Namaste Brewery.
third eye mood board-03_edited.jpg

brand identity

The Third Eye High brand’s logo embraced the “Namaste” feel. A clean and modern feel was desired, but the use of traditional patterns and mandalas was utilized to reinforce the OMMMMM of the brand. And, of course, bright citrus colors to show the fun bright citrus flavors of this summer adult drink.
third eye mood board-03_edited.jpg
third eye mood board-03_edited.jpg

Third Eye High    |    final design

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